Your Comprehensive Guide to Finding The Best NYC Monthly Parking Deals

Last Updated: December 5, 2016

So, you’re looking for monthly parking in New York City? Whether you’re looking to find a better monthly parking spot, or you’re just starting to park in the city, you need to learn about your options.

Given NYC monthly parking spots average $400, you’ll certainly want to do some research before you commit. To help you get started, we’ve created a step by step guide to finding monthly parking.

Now let’s get into hacking the NYC monthly parking system.

What you’ll find on this page:


NYC Monthly Parking Map With Online Reservations

To avoid making phone calls and walking from garage to garage, the fastest way to find a spot is to book online. Here’s an interactive map that allows you to compare monthly parking rates and reserve a spot online.


Directory of NYC Parking Operators With Monthly Options

If you do prefer the good old fashion method of picking up the phone, here are the companies you can call for a quote near your desired parking location.

Company Website Phone
Central Parking (800) 836 – 6666
Champion Parking (212) 308-5959
GGMC Parking (212) 996-6363
Garage Management Company (212) 888-7400
Icon Parking Systems (877) 727-5464
Imperial Parking Systems Inc (855) 472-7569
ParkIt Management (212) 929-9404
Quik Park (212) 832-5372
Rapid Park (212)-866-1000
SpotHero (917) 924-3711


4 Tips For Scoring Discounts On NYC Monthly Parking

Photo courtesy Icon Parking.

Before you get started, here’s some background information if you’re looking to save money.

1. Be flexible about location to save up to $300 – Some areas of Manhattan are considerably more expensive for
monthly parking than others. The areas shaded in red on the map to the right will likely be over $400.

Consider looking in a 5-block radius of your ideal location for the best luck at getting a lower rate. And avoid 5th Avenue at all costs!

If you don’t need your car that often, these outer boroughs tend to have cheaper monthly parking options.

Check out this blog post to find out how to save time and money getting to Manhattan if you decide to keep your car in an outer borough.

2. Don’t pay for more access than you need – If you don’t use your car every day, don’t pay for a monthly parking spot with unlimited ‘in and out’ access. There are usually different rates for different access levels. Ask your parking provider about discounts for infrequent use. We recommend negotiating here.

3. Ask about timing discounts – If your parking needs are the opposite of most people in the area, you might be able to get a discount from the garage. 

For example, if you live in Midtown, where many people drive to work, but you only need parking during nights and weekends, you might be able to get a cheaper monthly rate. It never hurts to ask!

4. Book a spot online – To make sure you’re getting the best NYC monthly parking deal and saving time, we recommend comparing your options with an online parking service. Many of the spots listed online are already discounted, and their location and accessibility are also described online.

Compare NYC monthly parking rates here >


Find The Cheapest NYC Monthly Parking by Neighborhood

If you’re short on time and don’t want to call around, we’ve highlighted the neighborhoods with the best rates available for booking online.

Here are the most affordable areas in Manhattan for monthly parking:

  • Harlem 
  • The West side of the Upper West Side, as far from Central Park as possible
  • The West side of Lincoln Square
  • Midtown – as far from 5th Avenue as possible, on the East or West side
  • The West side of Chelsea
  • The East side of Murray Hill
  • The East side of Gramercy Park
  • The far East side of the East Village
  • The far East side of the Lower East Side

Featured NYC Monthly Parking Garages by Amenity

If you are particular about certain amenities for your monthly parking spot, it’s worth putting in a bit of extra research to make sure you get it right. To make it easier for you, we address two important amenities below: self park garages and EV charging.

14 Self Park Garages in NYC with Monthly Parking Rates

If you’re new to NYC, you might not yet know that the majority of garages in the city use valets to park the cars. Many facilities are really tight and underground. We understand that for some people, driving your own car is important. Especially for a monthly parking spot that you’ll be using for a while.

We did some research and here are 14 garages in NYC that let you park your own car, and have monthly parking:

Address Monthly Parking Rate Reservation Link
224 W 14th Street $600 Book Now
309 W 14th Street $600 Book Now
173 W 12th Street $600 Book Now
101 Park Avenue $1000 Book Now
97 Charles Street $600 Book Now
247 W 46th Street $800 Book Now
246 E 45th Street $425 Book Now
300 E 48th Street $400 Book Now
338-342 E 59th Street $425 Book Now
360 E 65th Street $550 Book Now
300 E 77th Street $350 Book Now
68 E 80th Street $700 Book Now
315 E 102nd Street $325 Book Now
30-16 80th Street $150 Book Now


EV Charging at NYC Monthly Parking Garages

These can be hard to come by. But as electric cars become more popular, garages will have to adapt to make sure they can serve the increasing need. Make sure to ask your parking operator ahead of time if they have EV charging, and don’t assume they will.


Monthly Rate: $600 | Book Now  >>


The 9 Best NYC Monthly Parking Resources

To save you some time, we made a list of our favorite resources for finding monthly parking deals in NYC. Check them out here:

  1. SpotHero NYC – Looking for a monthly parking garage in NYC? Compare options and book a spot on this online platform.
  2. NYC Parking Authority – Find out how to get the cheapest NYC monthly parking deals on this site dedicated to parking in the city.
  3. SP+ Parking – As one of the largest national parking companies, SP+ has plenty of monthly parking options in NYC.
  4. Craigslist – Individuals and parking companies alike will list monthly parking spots on Craigslist. Take a look.
  5. Icon Parking – This NYC parking operator has over 200 Manhattan monthly parking garages to choose from.
  6. Park It! – Another NYC parking operator that offers their own guide for finding the best monthly parking deals.
  7. Yelp – Curious what other people have to say about their NYC monthly parking garages? Read some Yelp reviews here.
  8. The Secret To Cheap And Safe Parking For A Tourist In New York City – A blog post with some tips to share with visitors.



1. Is there a NYC monthly parking app?

Try the following resources to learn more about parking apps in NYC:

2. What is the average cost of monthly parking in NYC?

NYC Parking Authority writes that the average cost of NYC monthly parking is around $430. However, we hope our tips can help you save some money!

3. Are there NYC monthly parking coupons?

Many NYC parking operators offer coupons for daily or short-term parking, but monthly coupons might be harder to find. See this guide to learn how to find cheap NYC parking coupons online.

BONUS TIP – NYC Monthly Parking Groupons

One trick for finding monthly parking coupons faster would be to search for a Groupon. You can often find coupons for discounted monthly parking offered directly from parking operators and third party providers.


Alternatives to Monthly Parking for Your Extra Car

If you just moved to NYC and have multiple cars, here’s what you need to know. Most people don’t drive within the city – public transportation is really good – so you probably only need one accessible car per household, for road trips and other rare occasions.

Wondering what to do with that extra car?

  1. Sell it 🙂
  2. Store it with friends or family outside the city. People really do this!
  3. Instead of monthly parking, look into garages that offer car storage. You’ll know your car is in a safe and secure location, and it’s a lot more affordable than a full-access monthly parking spot.

Monthly Car Storage Resources

Many parking operators in NYC offer a car storage option that gives you limited access to your car for a MUCH cheaper rates. Here are some resources to check out: